KB4SA Activates on May 5, 2012

On May 5, 2012, Amateur Radio Station KB4SA activated for the very first time from Camp Echockotee in Orange Park Florida. Peter Duzant, K4PAD was the first operator on station to use the call sign KB4SA. The first contact was made with the National Boy Scout Of America Museum in Texas, K2BSA/5 where there were several scouts on hand who were there to earn their Radio Merit Badge.

K4PAD Activates KB4SA

Click the photo to view the YouTube video of the first contact made by Pete, K4PAD

Also on hand to work the KB4SA station were Mike Hendershot, KJ4FEQ and John, a scout from Pack 412 in the Black Creek District. John spoke with several scouts from K2BSA/5 at the National Boy Scout Museum in Texas and WB3FLG at Camp Lavigne in Benton, Pennsylvania.

KJ4FEQ and John

Click the photo about to view the YouTube video of the contacts made by Mike and John.

To close out the session, Scott Roberts, KK4ECR, introduced Chuck Colson, the Camp Director at Camp Echockotee, to the scouts at the K2BSA/5 station. Chuck spoke to the scouts and encouraged them as they worked towards getting their Radio Merit Badges.

The next scheduled event for KB4SA is on Saturday, May 12th. This will be the Inaugural Event for KB4SA, operating again from Camp Echockotee for an Open House event at the camp. Several hundred scouts will be available and eager to talk on the radio to Hams all over the world. Check here for a list of frequencies for the event.

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