Common Scout Questions

Questions that scouts can randomly pick from when making a QSO with KB4SA.

The list was provied by K2BSA.

1. What is your favorite thing to do in scouts
2. What rank are you
3. What is your troop/pack
4. How long have you been a scout
5. Are you going to try to get your Eagle
6. Why did you join the scouts
7. What city do you live in
8. What state / country were you born in
9. What have you learned in merit badge class
10. What is the last merit badge you earned
11. What did you have to do to earn it
12. What was the first merit badge you earned
13. How many merit badges have you earned
14. What is the next merit badge are you going to try to earn
15. What is your favorite thing in school
16. Who is your favorite teacher
17. What grade are you in
18. What is your favorite car
19. What is your favorite pet
20. What is your favorite food
21. What is your favorite drink
22. What do you like to do for fun/hobby
23. What are you going to do for the summer / what did you do for the summer
24. Do you know anyone that is a ham radio operator
25. How many scouts are in the merit badge class
26. Did you go to the National Scout Jamboree or have you ever been to one
27. Have you lived in any other states
28. Have you lived in another country
29. Have you visited another country
30. What to you what to do when you graduate from high school / college
31. What is your favorite sport
32. What is your favorite team
33. What kind of music do you listen to
34. Who is your favorite band/singer
35. What is your favorite movie
36. Who is your favorite actor/actress
37. What is your favorite video game
38. What is your favorite TV show
39. Do you play sports What sport
40. Do you have brothers or sisters
41. What is your least favorite thing in school
42. Why are you taking radio merit badge
43. What camps have you been to
44. What is your favorite color
45. How many scouts in your troop/pack