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On April 27, Mark Abramowicz, NT3V, did a news story about the Inaugural Event for Amateur Radio Station KB4SA. Below is the news story..

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And finally this week, we say congratulations to a group of
scouts who have chartered a new scouting amateur radio
station. Heres Mark Abramowicz, NT3V, with the details:

Hams in the Jacksonville area had been helping Scouts in the
North Florida Council earn their Radio merit badges over the

But they were looking to do more for the Scouts and for ham

Scott Roberts, KK4ECR, says a group of those hams finally
decided to make a move.

“We approached one of the local Scout camps here in the area
and talked to them about it and they said, ‘Yes, we’re all
for it, let’s do it,’ Roberts says.

“And, basically, at that point, amateur radio club KB4SA was

The station is being set up at Camp Echockotee in Orange
Park, Florida. It also has backing from Clay County Amateur
Radio Emergency Service operators.

Roberts says KB4SA will be staffed by Scouters and Scouts
looking to share the fun of the amateur radio hobby.

On Saturday, May 12, Roberts says the station will launch
operations with a special event station from the camp. And
he’s looking to make contacts with.

“Other Scout clubs, with other DX stations that are around
that can be available that day to talk to the Scouts and
kind of make it a big hit for some of these Scouts that have
been on the radio before and then some of those that have
never been on the radio before,” Roberts says.

You can find more about the KB4SA operation by going online
to our website, arnewsline.org for a link (http://kb4sa.org)
to information about the station and the frequencies.

For the Amateur Radio Newsline, I’m Mark Abramowicz, NT3V,
in Philadelphia.

Our congratulations to The North Florida Council on its
upcoming inauguration of amateur radio station KB4SA. If
you hear the station on the air please be sure to give the
scouts operating it a call and say hello. (N. FL. Council,

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